We Asked, You Answered! Travelling with Toddlers…

With holiday season just around the corner, WLM thought it would be great to get travel tips from our panel of experts – YOU!

Check out what fellow parents and seasoned travelers had to say:

@actoneparties have several short activities for the journey that preschoolers can dip in and out of to stop them getting bored.

@jorobertscopy If travelling long distances by car I highly recommend a DVD player and another must-have item: a portable black-out blind!

@RichmondNCT Gro-bag fabric high chair great when travelling with baby. Not everywhere has high chairs. Always get asked where it’s from

@Miniminstrel My 9 year old girl keeps a log book of all the Eddie Stobart lorry names and where she spotted them!

@kerryjphoto I always buy both my daughters a kids ‘magazine’ which keeps them busy whilst traveling!

@verybusymama if you are traveling without the other parent, have them video themselves reading a story or talking to them.  Also video your child at home doing that they like to do and then play it back them. They like it better than cartoons!

@sweetheartstu 1 of the best things we’ve had – ‘Things To Do On A Journey’ cards  Daughter has loved them from age 4 to 8!

@HopperTots LON-Australia with 20mo – iPad!

@monsterscantalk I always buy a little present for each child when flying and wrap it up and give it when we have taken off. Works a treat!

@westlondon_mum always board the plane last, unconventional, but the less time spent in a cramped seat – the better.  Let the kids run around and tucker themselves out as much as possible!

Do you have any advice?  We’d love to hear from you!

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