Affordable Art—really.

Tired of staring at the Ikea print you bought years ago, you know, the one that all your neighbours have as well?  Want to update your artwork but find the art fairs not that affordable?  We’ve rounded up some of our favourite online art sites who sell limited run editions or even originals at a very reasonable prices.  Best of all you are supporting living artists.  Who knows, you might even end up with a real investment.

Freshen up your walls with contemporary, original, affordable art with our tops picks:


What started as a small gallery on the Lower East Side has now expanded globally.  With new editions being added each week 20×200 offers well-curated prints starting at only $20 with a limited run of 200.  As the size goes up, so does the price.  Original works are also available.



Zatista represents hundreds of artists from all over the world.  All work is original with proof of certification.  No limited runs or prints from Zatista.    The company also prides itself in charging artists below industry standard commissions meaning more money goes direct to the artist and their local economy.



Little Paper Planes
Little Paper Planes was started in 2004 by artist Kelly Lynn Jones, as a way of showcasing her and her friend’s art.  LPP was one of the first online stores offering artist editions.  Community is the driving force behind the company and houses over 70 emerging artists around the world. Little Paper Planes assists artists in their careers through prints, publishing, curatorial and licensing projects.  In addition to selling prints LPP also sells jewellery and clothing.



Etsy is the mother of artisan sites.  Launched in 2005 it has become a global leader in selling handmade items—offering a schmorgasborg of wares including artwork.  Their mission is to empower people and allow micro businesses to compete on the global market.  What is also great about Etsy is you can really fine tune your search within the categories making it even easier to find the subject matter you are looking for.


Buy Student Art
When founder Kerri Lister moved house she found realized the only option to buy art was either bix box or bank breaking.  The idea to support art students led to the creation of Buy Student Art.  Artists must be aged 18 or over and can list up to 5 pieces of art at a time, from photography to oil paintings, sculpture to mixed media. Most artwork is under £200, some less than £50, and all art is listed at a set price, so there’s no bidding war to endure if you fall in love with the perfect piece for your home.



London Art
London Art started in 1997 and has over 2000 artists from all over the world and over 35,000 unique works of art. The sheer diversity of the work on offer, with prices ranging from £50 pounds to 40k means there is  something for everyone.  The site aims to allow anyone to access the art world and have original works at various price points.



Feature image Four Kings (from the Almost Elvis series) by Landon Nordeman on 20×200
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